General Terms and Conditions
These General Terms and Conditions shall be the basis for business with you or your company as the Client and us as the party executing your translation order.

1. Validity
These General Terms and Conditions shall be valid for all orders received by the Translator on behalf of the Client unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon or if regulated differently by the Law.

The General Terms and Conditions of the Client shall only be binding for the Translator if the later has acknowledged and accepted them explicitly and in writing.

The Translator shall perform the translations to his best knowledge and understanding and in consideration of the state of art which the Client had in mind when coming across or requiring his professional services, following the principles and the due procedures of execution of the profession.

The special or technical terms shall be translated into the general version of the target language in a lexicographical understandable way unless the terms are directly indicated by the Client in a distinct way or in accordance with the special indications of the same.

The Client shall be obliged to supply the Translator with all the information or documents necessary for the performance of the translation (for example: illustrations, drawings, lists of abbreviations, the company’s glossary of technical terms, material to be translated, etc.) in due time and he shall assume the cost of the same.

Within the term previously agreed upon with the Translator, the Client shall receive a printed version of the translation and/or a computerized document via email. In the event of urgent deliveries, an extra charge on the list price may be agreed upon. In any case, the same shall have to be agreed upon specifically with the Translator.

Any special requests or requirements shall be charged to the Client.

The Client shall be obliged to explicitly inform the Translator if the material that is to be translated is in any way protected by norms of confidentiality, professional secrecy or restricted access or divulgation. In the case of absence of such an indication on behalf of the Client, it shall be presumed that the information lacks restrictions and may be used freely. The same will thus be saved legitimately in the archives of the Translator, either on paper or computerized.

2. Delivery
The failure to comply with the delivery time due to Force Majeure may not be imputed to the Translator. The term Force Majeure refers to an unforeseen event beyond the control of the Translator such as power failures, suspension of the Internet connection, failure of the computer systems and others which make an appropriate delivery of the documents impossible or reasonably interfere with the same. In any case, the Translator promises to execute his order as soon as the unforeseen event that caused the delay has ended. The Translator shall do everything possible to notify the Client of the indicated delay.

Depending on the request of the Client, the translation shall be forwarded by ordinary mail, by a courier service, by fax or by email. The forwarding costs shall be assumed by the Client.

The delivery shall be considered to have been performed in due time when the translation is delivered to the mail company or the courier service or when the same is being sent electronically.

3. Correction of mistakes
The Translator reserves himself the right to correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or wording errors.

The Client shall have the right to request a possible correction of the indicated mistakes.

When requesting the correction of mistakes, the Client shall have to give exact indications of the mistake(s) that shall have to be corrected.

4. Responsibility
The Translator shall be liable in cases of gross negligence and intent. In cases of slight negligence, liability shall only apply in the cases where fundamental contractual obligations are violated.

5. Professional secrecy

The Translator shall be obliged to comply with the professional secrecy regarding all facts related to the activity of the Client irrespective of the previous indications regarding the concealed information.

6. Remuneration
The services of the Translator shall be remunerated based on the translated lines of 55 characters each which shall be counted by line counting programs (for example: TextCount for Windows). Additional corrections for the adjustment of texts to special formats, translations at the office of the Client, etc. shall be subject to additional charges.

The client will receive an estimate with the professional fees of the translator. However, the real length of the translation or the actual time required for the correction or adjustment to special formats is what will be charged.

For all translation jobs exceeding the amount of € 100 the translator reserves himself the right to charge a down payment of 50 % of the total value.

In the event that a translation order is cancelled, which should be done by the Client in a formal and explicit way, the costs incurred in until this moment shall be charged i.e. the total of lines translated until that moment or the time invested so far.

The payment of the services i.e. translation, interpreting or proofreading shall be performed immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Payments performed more than 14 days after the receipt of the invoice shall be subject to a surcharge of 3 % on the total value.

7. Ownership and copyright
The translation shall remain the property of the Translator until complete payment has been received from the Client. Until this moment, the Client shall have no right to use the translation, copy it and send it to third parties or usufruct the translation in any way.

No copyright without the permission of the Translator.